Year 2016.

Hello welcome to my blog.

My name is Marina and this is my blog, where i share my thoughts about life and whatever crosses my path on a day to day basis. I was born in Germany and moved to Sweden in 2010, after i graduated high-school. I pursued a degree in European Studies at Malmö University with two semesters abroad in England (great time!) and graduated last year. As i saw my future career not really in politics i continued studying and to aim for a Masters degree in Strategic Public Relations. This degree made me move back to the UK in autumn last year for one term before i returned back to Sweden. So there is that. I am still a student and love the subject that i am learning more and more about everyday. Besides this passion which clearly includes the art of communications, i also enjoy being by the water (beach, lakes, really nice showers etc), reading a good book, taking a lot of pictures of pretty objects and interior design.

A lot of people ask me if i see my future in Sweden or Germany? The simple answer is, i do not know. All i know is, that i want to see places and put myself in situations i know i am going to hate in the first 24 hours and then starting to enjoy and even love.

I adore the adventure that life is, and how it works its magic in its own, sometimes cruel ways.