About moving and going on holiday! #lifeupdate

Have you ever been in this very long process of finishing something where you feel that you need to spend all your time on it, even if you are sometimes just sitting on a chair doing nothing. This is me, right now. I am working on finishing my Master thesis, which is like this never-ending story of editing and re-inventing the wheel. On another note…I am moving…in less than a week. I am going to leave Sweden for good (just writing this kind of breaks my heart a little). I think this is going to be one of those goodbyes, that you can only grasp gradually, realising that your life is going to take on a completely new direction.

My new path is going to take me to Belgium and working as an intern in Brussels starting in September for 6 months. I found a really interesting internship in the Public Affairs department at one of Germany’s largest supermarket corporations. While I will be working in Brussels, my boyfriend and I are going to rent an apartment in Ghent (about 50 min from Brussels). I visited Ghent for the first time last year and said something along the lines like “I could really see myself living here”. Little did i know, this would become a reality to soon.

Before embarking on this new adventure of moving to a country which language i do not speak and people i do not know, a holiday is waiting. I am going to visit Iceland! After exploring Lapland last year, Nico and I said once again “Beach? A tan? Hell no!” and booked a trip to Iceland. We will embark on a road trip on the Westfjord area and meet two of our dear classmates that are Icelandic (nothing better than knowing locals wherever you go!). I will make sure to write a detailed account of what we experienced and spam your Instagram feeds with my yellow raincoat in nature. Trying to escape the tour bus army will definitely be a top priority at this time of the year.

Wrapping my random Tuesday thoughts up before this guy next to me pours his beer over my laptop. Just a normal afternoon in Sweden.

Much love,



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