What I Loved in June 2017.

I am a person that loves to impose her very subjective views about things onto other people and hope they will love it or hate it as much as I do. So this month I thought, why not share my list with more people. This is my list of random things i loved using, watching or doing.

  1. TV Show: The Handmaid’s tale

There might be a reason why people use to ask me for TV show recommendations. Yes, I watch a lot of them and with that comes a certain demand for quality. The Handmaid’s Tale however, based on the popular novel by Margaret Atwood, is truly something else. Great production, a brilliant Elisabeth Moss and a storyline that sparks parallels to past and contemporary society. It poses questions about governments, power and the role of women in society. It is definitely not something for people that are easily upset by graphic storytelling, but something everyone should see and reflect upon on their own terms.

2. Podcast: Stuff mom never told you

While music motivates me and brings me in a certain mood, podcasts have a very calming effect on me. I love listening to podcasts, because they are not only great for brain stimulation but also have the feature of leaving an impact on how you see the world. I love this podcast series and I just listened to one of their newest piece “Ivanka Trump’s feminism”. It talks about a broader issue that concerns the kind of ‘en vogue’ feminism that approaches the topic from a very subjective standpoint. While we all love a good personal and individual story there is a great problem in generalising the term “feminism”. The podcast uses the example of Ivanka Trump to talk about an issue that is very prominent and discusses her somewhat unearned position of being perceived a feminist heroine.


3. Second-hand shopping 

This might not be a very original thing to say, because I have been loving second-hand shopping for a long time now. However, it is something I love to suggest to people. Last month I have been particular on the forefront of shopping “used” clothes and items. To me, it is an exciting thing to do, because it requires work to go through a lot of stuff to find something you might like. It is a treasure hunt that makes you feel like you accomplished something. At the same time, whatever you might find will tell a story. This item has been places and has served a purpose that you will probably never  be aware of. Sometimes i like to imagine who has worn the clothing and what their own personal story might be. Do not get me wrong, i do love shopping but by buying second-hand 50 percent of the time, I feel like i can make a difference in times of overconsumption and waste.

Good second hand shops in Sweden: Erikshjälpen, Pingskyrkan, Stadsmission, Beyond Retro (little more commercial second-hand), Myrorna & Emmaus

4. Lunette Menstruational Cup

This might be a bit of TMI for some, but right now is a great time for discussions about female sexuality and overall body empowerment. It is a movement i can only salute to as it broadens our thinking and knowledge about what it means to be a women. In this category, I started using the Lunette menstruation cup last month and absolutely loved it.  These cups are literally everywhere and tons of You-Tube Videos explain how to use it (in case you are too lazy to read the packaging). I for one find them way more hygienic and body friendly than Tampons and they come with the great benefit of being reusable for years to come (so goodbye to producing loads of waste every month). It might be a bit strange to use at first, but do not give up! It is a great time to discuss topics that have been a taboo for a very long time.


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