10 favourite places on Gotland.

Last week I was lucky enough to visit a place that has been on my “must visit – list” in forever: the island Gotland. Gotland, which is in the middle of the Baltic sea, is the Swedish answer to summer destinations like Greece or Spain. Due to its marine climate and the many sun hours per year, this gem of land is very popular amongst Swedes. Wanting to see for myself if all the praise is justified, I went to explore the middle of the island and the northern parts myself.  Here are my top 10 on the island that you should not miss.

  1. Raukar on Fårö (Langhammars & Digerhuvud) 

Raukar are a reminder of a long gone time. What was orginally a coral reef, forms today the many beautiful stone sculptures. Especially in the north of the island, on the peninsular Fårö. (to Fårö there is a free ferry that takes only 8 min)




2. Norsta Auren Beach on Fårö

Park your car along the road and walk through the forest to arrive at this beautiful sandy beach. We shared the whole beach with 2 other people. Seemed fair.


3. Sylvis Döttrar on Fårö

Cafes’ just belong on my favourites list. This cafe is well known for itspastries and sourdough bread. We tried both and so should you!


4. Nickarve Gård, Visby

We stayed in a cosy cabin in the woods just outside of Visby. Minimal living with maximal peace and quite.


5. Visby

The heart of Gotland. Perfect for a day of exploring the narrow streets with its colourful houses. Explore ruins, views over town and the city wall. Almedalen Park and the Botanical garden are also worth a visit.

Fiskargränd- iconic spot for postcards
A walk along the city walls


Almedalen Park

6.  Saffranspankaka at Cafe´Gula Huset

A saffron speciality of the island served in a beautiful setting in Visby.


7. Åminne Havsbad

Beach attached to a small camping site. Beautiful surroundings and much calmer than the beaches close to Visby.


8. Högklint

A scenic spot for great views and a picnic.


9. Glassbaren, Visby.

You can never decide between smurf – or Harry-Potter ice-cream!? I got you. They call it the biggest ice-cream bar in Europe with about 300 different flavours. I don’t know it that is true, but it was certainly delicious.


10. The ferry.

We took the ferry from Oskarshamn to Visby (3.5 h) and experienced a beautiful sunset.




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