to whom it may concern.

I am going to graduate from my Masters degree in Strategic Public Relations in a couple of months. Never in my life have i felt more scared and excited at the same time. The time has come, to finally be able to pay back that student loan and buy my parents a present that i not essentially funded by their own money. I like honest work and i am not shy to put in a little extra commitment to pursue my goals. Always being a dedicated student with high grades at university and future aspirations, I now have to answer the dreaded question of what i actually want to become in life. Lets explore the options from the viewpoint of the professional wish of current 10 year olds and the alternative popular option of climbing the career latter.

Asking the question of professional prospects in a time where people can make millions of lip syncing and calling Instagram their job, poses a challenge. I am not so sure anymore where my qualities of writing sound academic essays comes into play. Why learn a fourth language fluently to enhance my chances on the job market, if i can try to become a celebrated social media star that travels the world for free. Yes, freedom might be the salient point here. Being told by popular culture and its people that celebrate their so called freedom of “doing everyday what they love”, shapes ones understanding of the nature of the concept. However, if freedom is financed by big brands and corporations to communicate a certain lifestyle or ideology, then maybe i can find the answer at the origin of power.

What about a future in the corporate sector? Admittedly, i will probably never make a proper YouTube star and my usual crisp intake will cause heart attacks in the Instagram health community. Nevertheless, a solid career at the heart of financial gains, might be just the thing for me. Some applications and logical thinking tests later, and i am not so sure anymore.

Yes, the future can even make me a bit cynical from time to time. Nevertheless, having arrived at another point in life where decisions matter is scary. Being at a point, where it is no longer exclusively in my hands where the path goes is even scarier. All i want to say with this, is that yes, graduating is a weird time and looking at the future with a bit of cynism and laughter helps me- at least. For whatever helps you when standing at crossroads, i hope you will find your way.



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